Carleigh Gustafson and Lenox Hill Hospital Emergency Department

Carleigh Gustafson, RN, understands the difference a few minutes can make in a potential crisis. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated nurses like her, a patient-centered focus on internal operations at the Emergency Department of Lenox Hill Hospital has resulted in an arrival-to-bed time of six minutes or fewer and a reduction in the time it takes for patients to see a physician down to under 15 minutes - a significant improvement compared to the national benchmark of 30 minutes. As a result of this accomplishment, Lenox Hill Hospital Emergency Department was named a 2010 Top Improver Award Winner, making it one of only 29 healthcare facilities in the country to receive this honor.







The Taffner Family

Donald Taffner Sr. is a prime example of the quintessential American success story. From growing up in a one-bedroom apartment above his family's candy store in Brooklyn to launching a very successful entertainment company, Donald Taffner's story embodies the American dream. Working in his family's store taught Donald a unique set of social skills and a pronounced business attitude which he held fast throughout his life. Coming from such humble beginnings made giving back to others very important to Donald.

In 1961, Donald married Eleanor Bolta and together in 1963 they launched D.L. Taffner Ltd. The company started out as a worldwide distributor of TV programs and later, as DLT Entertainment Ltd., expanded to TV and stage production. DLT Entertainment has enjoyed terrific success over the last 40-plus years with legendary hits including the multiple award winning sitcoms: Three's Company, My Family, and Too Close for Comfort. In addition, DLT has built a reputation as a leading distribution company with classics such as The Benny Hill Show, The World at War and The Russ Abbot Show.

The Taffner family has had a long-standing relationship with Lenox Hill Hospital that spans over 50 years. It is the place their children, Don Jr. and Karen were born and where Karen and her husband, Ron Butler had their three sons, continuing the family's history for another generation. Eleanor served on the Board of Trustees from 1998-2010.

While Don and Eleanor passed away in the last couple of years, their relationship with Lenox Hill Hospital and their generous philanthropy continue through their children. Karen and Don Jr. both consider Lenox Hill Hospital a special place. The Taffner family is the embodiment of the American Dream and we are proud to have them as part of our family.

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