Honor Your Doctor on Doctors’ Day

March 30 is National Doctors' Day.

On March 30, hospitals across the country will celebrate National Doctors’ Day. Won’t you please make a gift in honor of a Northwell doctor who provided you or a loved one with exceptional care?

Your gift now can help us continue to make advances and offer the very best to our patients.

Who will benefit from your generous Doctors’ Day gift? Your neighbors, your family or even your colleagues. People like Chasin, an 18-year-old who had suffered terrifying seizures for six years. He was told he was having panic attacks, but he and his family knew that something was terribly wrong. They turned to Northwell Health’s neurology team, who discovered that Chasin had a tumor in the epilepsy center of his brain.

Our surgeons removed the tumor to prevent it from becoming cancerous and to cure Chasin’s epilepsy. Today, he is seizure-free and thriving at college.

“I wanted to continue living my life,” says Chasin. “Words can’t describe how grateful I am.”

Your support really does help save lives.