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We have launched the largest fundraising campaign in our history—a $750 million campaign called Destination 2020.

Who would have ever imagined 16 years ago that we would be embarking on the largest fundraising campaign in our history—Destination 2020? Beginning in 1997 with the merger of the North Shore Health System and LIJ Medical Center, we have grown to 16 hospitals that span a service area of seven million people reaching from Manhattan to Montauk and far beyond. It takes the support of our friends, trustees, faculty and leaders of North Shore-LIJ to continue to propel us forward.

It takes more than a team of champions to achieve greatness. It takes a community of people we can count on to raise the millions of dollars that are necessary to realize the dreams of Destination 2020. People who share our vision of what the North Shore-LIJ Health System can be. 

For those champions who have supported us, we thank you. These accomplishments would not have been possible without your generosity. And for those future champions, you will be playing an integral role in ensuring the future of healthcare for generations to come. 

Over the next few years, support for Destination 2020 will invest in the following priority areas: 

Facilities: Today, North Shore-LIJ is comprised of 16 hospitals and dozens of additional facilities across Long Island and the New York metropolitan region. Your gift will enable us to continue to offer the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities in the area, ensuring that we can provide the most technologically advanced, safest, and most comfortable environments for our patients.

Research: Research remains the foundation of our success, providing our scientists and physicians with the ability to better understand diseases, and thus, better predict and treat them. Today, we stand on the brink of some of medicine’s most groundbreaking cures and treatments. With your help, we can drive discoveries that address a wide spectrum of conditions, help ease suffering, and improve outcomes.

Education: Medicine is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and each day new breakthroughs are replacing old practices and outdated ways of thinking. Outstanding education programs at North Shore-LIJ that promote professionalism and humanism, and that incorporate real-world experience, will ensure that our physicians, scientists, nurses and staff represent the top of their field, both today and tomorrow.

Endowment: Our very existence relies upon the generosity and vision of community-minded individuals and corporations to help us provide the care our region needs today and plan for the care it will need tomorrow. Through your help, we are able to stay true to our mission of providing the New York metropolitan area and beyond with the highest quality care.

All of these changes and investments in the health system would not have been possible without the support of those families, organizations and businesses that have generously contributed to getting us past the halfway point in our $750 million campaign. They are the heroes in our short history. In the pages that follow, you can read about why they chose to give.

From left: John V. Raggio, Lindsay Leventhal, and John J. Raggio, North Shore-LIJ Trustee.

From left: John V. Raggio, Lindsay Leventhal, and John J. Raggio, North Shore-LIJ Trustee.

John Raggio

When John J. Raggio entered North Shore University Hospital nearly three decades ago for kidney disease, he never imagined the partnership that was about to form between him and Robert Mossey, MD, his nephrologist. John, along with his late wife Janet, made a commitment to give back to the hospital that cured him. The Raggios pledged to support Dr. Mossey’s belief that patients need to be well informed in order to advocate for themselves healthcare-wise, ultimately giving rise to the Janet and John Raggio Nephrology Institute. As early supporters of the health system’s community mission, the Raggios have continued to fund the institute’s work, which is now in its second decade of operation. In addition to his financial support, John diligently works with the Institute each month, personally becoming involved in community outreach. At the encouragement of their parents, Janet and John’s children, John V. and Lauren, have continued the tradition of philanthropy by becoming involved in the health system. The Janet and John Raggio Nephrology Institute upholds the philosophy that education, awareness, screening and outreach are the best ways to prevent kidney disease, by touching diverse communities across Long Island through its educational programs.

Florence Kaufman, North Shore-LIJ Associate Trustee, and Robert Kaufman, North Shore-LIJ Trustee.

Florence and Robert Kaufman

Florence and Robert Kaufman’s commitment to North Shore University Hospital continues  a tradition established by his parents, the late Esther and William Kaufman. Since becoming a trustee in 1969, Bob, who served as Chairman of the Board of the North Shore Health System in 1990 and his wife, Florence, an associate trustee, have strengthened their involvement with the health system. Bob was chairman of the health system during the period of its greatest growth and he was a significant supporter during that time. They have chaired many of our past galas and established the Florence and Robert Kaufman Conference Center, which encompasses the Rust Auditorium, five Tower Conference Rooms and the Kaufman Board Room at North Shore University Hospital. The Robert and Florence Kaufman Lectureship Fund provides an opportunity to link with other academic medical institutions across the country and around the world, with the conference center serving as a focal point for high-level discussions of the latest advances in medicine.Ardent supporters of the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, the Kaufmans proudly provide opportunities so young people have a chance to become doctors and reach their potential. The Florence and Robert Kaufman Professor of Medical Ethics was recently bestowed to Samuel Packer, MD, professor of ophthalmology at the school of medicine. The Kaufmans look forward to their continued role in helping the health system support the communities that depend on them.

From left:  Amanda Crown; Daniel M. Crown, Trustee, Lenox Hill Hospital; Michael J. Dowling, President and Chief Executive Officer, North Shore-LIJ Health System; Richard Goldstein, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, North Shore-LIJ Health System; Ellen Crown;Dr. Marty Ellington, Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, Lenox Hill Hospital; Dennis Connors, Executive Director, Lenox Hill Hospital; Jeffrey B. Lane, Trustee, Lenox Hill Hospital.

The Crown Family

As parents of four children, Ellen and Dan Crown are passionate about doing whatever they can to promote the best possible pediatric healthcare in New York City. Over the last two decades, they have personally experienced the excellent care Lenox Hill Hospital’s pediatric services have offered and have made a decision to support those services. The Crown Family Pediatric Center features private rooms and a play area with child sized furniture, nature-themed art and a new centralized nursing unit. Today, Lenox Hill has an updated, state-of-the-art facility to match their world-class doctors. “It is most gratifying to know, especially as a trustee for many years and a member of the executive committee, that Lenox Hill Hospital is recognized as a premier center for maternal-child health in the New York metropolitan area,” says Dan.










Susan and Rick Imbert.

Susan and Rick Imbert.

Sue and Rick Imbert

When Southside Hospital became part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, not only was it a tremendous boost for the hospital but for the entire South Shore community. As longtime residents of Bay Shore, Susan and Rick Imbert are thrilled to have a hospital that’s not only close to them but one that offers great doctors and facilities. With six children and 13 grandchildren, they also realize the value of having a great hospital that can provide care for their entire family. Rick states, “We’re glad to support the hospital’s $60 million campaign to transform the Southside campus and create several ambulatory centers within the community.”






Judy and Will Hiltz, Trustee, Lenox Hill Hospital.

Judy and Will Hiltz, Trustee, Lenox Hill Hospital.

Judy and Will Hiltz

Involvement at Lenox Hill Hospital has been a multigenerational commitment for the Hiltz family. Will’s grandfather, Henry Witte Otis, was a longtime patient of Dr. Michael Bruno, and an active supporter of the hospital. It was at his urging that Judy and Will began their involvement with the hospital many years ago. Will has served as a Trustee of the hospital for over 25 years; the last 10 years as Chairman of the Board. Judy is a longtime member of the Auxiliary, most recently as a member of the Executive Committee and a volunteer in the emergency department. Both their son, Will, and daughter, Marilla, were born at Lenox Hill as well.The Hiltzes believe that providing accessible, high-quality healthcare for their community is of the utmost importance. Lenox Hill has been an integral part of the Upper East Side landscape for over 150 years and has served their city well. It has been the pleasure and honor of the Hiltz family to help the physicians, nurses, and staff who provide extraordinary care within the community every day.


Susan and Leonard Feinstein, North Shore-LIJ Trustee.

Susan and Leonard Feinstein, North Shore-LIJ Trustee.

Susan and Leonard Feinstein

Countless people benefit from the dedication and vision of Susan and Leonard Feinstein, longtime supporters of the health system, who have focused much of their philanthropy on medical research. Believing that the key to finding cures lies in research, the Feinsteins became the major benefactors of the Institute for Medical Research, which now bears their name. Thanks to their significant philanthropic contributions to medical research, the Feinstein Institute is recognized internationally as a preeminent center of research.Throughout the years, Leonard has taken an active role as a member of the Board of Directors for the Feinstein Institute and as a health system trustee. The Feinsteins also established the Susan and Leonard Feinstein Center for Neurosciences, where investigators work on understanding the neural mechanisms of brain function in health and disease. The Feinstein Institute has earned a strong presence in the world of research through its renowned scientists and landmark discoveries. Its partnerships with the Cleveland Clinic and Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, home to the Nobel Prize in Medicine, ensure that the Feinstein researchers maintain their mission of advancing medical research on a global level. The Feinsteins hope that in light of their commitment, others will be inspired to support the invaluable research that is unlocking the key to diseases affecting all of our families.

Susan Claster, North Shore-LIJ Associate Trustee and Mark Claster, North Shore-LIJ Trustee and Executive Committee member.

Susan Claster, North Shore-LIJ Associate Trustee and Mark Claster, North Shore-LIJ Trustee and Executive Committee member.

Susan and Mark Claster

Susan and Mark Claster’s relationship with the health system extends over many years, evolving from family values passed along through generations.Mark has served as a trustee of the health system for more than 20 years and is Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He also serves on the Executive Committee for the health system, Lenox Hill Hospital and Staten Island University Hospital, and he was recently appointed a member of the Joint Board of Overseers for the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. As the health system chair-elect, Mark will strengthen his family’s commitment to North Shore-LIJ when he becomes the Chairman of the Board in 2014.Susan, an associate trustee, is an active member of the Board of Directors of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and sits on the board of the Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine. She has also had a longtime involvement with NLD for Pediatrics, a committee dedicated to raising funds for the Child Life & Creative Art Therapy Program at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, where she serves as an Executive Committee member.Both Susan and Mark are dedicated to the success of the Feinstein Institute. The Clasters, along with the entire Boas family, have a keen interest in medical research and are the major benefactors of The Robert S. Boas Center for Genomics and Human Genetics. The lab, run under the leadership of Dr. Peter Gregersen, works towards unraveling the role genes play in autoimmune conditions. As staunch advocates for the health system, the Clasters have also supported a number of other areas, all of which touch the lives of the communities they serve. 

From left: Peter and Beth Salm with Roger A. Blumencranz, North Shore-LIJ Trustee and Executive Committee member and Charlotte Blumencranz.

From left: Peter and Beth Salm with Roger A. Blumencranz, North Shore-LIJ Trustee and Executive Committee member and Charlotte Blumencranz.

Charlotte and Roger Blumencranz

For more than three decades, Charlotte and Roger Blumencranz have been active members of the North Shore-LIJ family. Roger, a trustee and a member of the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine Joint Board of Overseers, spearheaded the Commerce and Industry Council (CIC), a group of business professionals who came together to raise funds in support of the health system. More than two decades ago, the CIC raised funds for the Emergency Department at North Shore University Hospital. Thanks to Roger’s involvement, the Greene Emergency Center is now equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical technology and is prepared to treat all levels of emergency cases. Today the CIC, where Roger sits as co-chair, is committed to raising funds for the Katz Institute for Women’s Health and Katz Women’s Hospitals. As a professional insurance broker, Roger’s intimate insurance knowledge has been instrumental in saving the health system millions of dollars, money we could never begin to repay and for that, we are eternally grateful.Charlotte has always had a special interest in providing support and raising awareness for women’s health, and was a founding member of the Partners Council for Women’s Health. As an active member, Charlotte participates in the many fundraisers organized by the Partners Council, such as the fall luncheon and fashion show, which is committed to helping transform women’s health services throughout the region.The Blumencranzs’ legacy of giving is proudly upheld through their children. Their son Eric, a trustee and member of the CIC, is also an ardent supporter of pediatric care and involved in our annual NLD for Pediatrics Golf Classic. Their daughter Beth serves on the committee of the Partners Council for Women’s Health, advocating for the importance of a specialized hospital just for women.

Ruth and Leonard Litwin, North Shore-LIJ Associate Trustee.

Ruth and Leonard Litwin

Ruth and Leonard Litwin have made it their personal mission to help the more than five million Americans currently afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. Nearly a decade ago, they supported the opening of the Litwin-Zucker Research Center for the Study of Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders, part of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. Feinstein researchers study Alzheimer’s disease in an effort to identify new treatments and diagnostics for this devastating disorder of the brain. Through the Litwins continued support, the center has launched several long-term trials to study different aspects of Alzheimer’s in order to develop new therapies to treat patients.Recently, the Litwins supported the expansion of a new inpatient psychiatric pavilion at The Zucker Hillside Hospital. The 130,000-square-foot pavilion will have a devoted unit designated for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias and associated psychiatric disorders. As major supporters of research and education, in 2011 the Litwins sponsored the Ruth and Leonard Litwin Fellowship Award, which was granted to Dr. Daniel O. Griffin, an Elmezzi scholar. Dr. Griffin has identified an immune cell that could hold the key to many diseases from pneumonia, to lupus, to coronary artery disease and even to Alzheimer’s disease. The Litwins compassionate commitment serves to improve the lives of patients and their families.The Litwin family has made a commitment to follow in their parents’ footsteps by continuing their philanthropic support of the health system. 

Aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in Manhattan on April 25, 2013, 1,200 friends of the health system celebrated the growth and progress we have achieved together over the past five years.

"Every five years we hold a health system gala to benefit the more than seven million people living in the communities we serve across the metropolitan area," said North Shore-LIJ President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael J. Dowling. "It is our mission to be constantly transformative and innovative but at the core of all we do, it is always about the patient." 



Gala: Destination Celebration

Our spring gala exceeded all expectations, raising a record $21.5 million towards Destination 2020, a multi-year fundraising campaign that will transform the future of healthcare delivery in the region. Co-hosts Andy Cohen, Bravo television host and author and Meredith Vieira, NBC-TV News special correspondent, talked about some of the important services and programs that are supported by the funds raised from the evening. Of the four million lives we treat every year, we have an unparalleled commitment to military veterans and those who suffer from mental illness. We are working directly with the US Department of Veterans Affairs to help soldiers and families as they acclimate back to civilian life, and we also are working to bring about recovery to those who suffer from behavioral health disorders by engaging with them in the early stages of their illness. Over the past five years, with the addition of Lenox Hill Hospital, we’ve expanded our services into Manhattan and we are also transforming the education of future physicians through the opening of the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine.

Thanks to the proceeds from the night’s gala, North Shore-LIJ Chairman Richard D. Goldstein stated, “We have surpassed the halfway mark of our $750 million campaign, Destination 2020. It was truly a remarkable evening and all of our patients and supporters should be proud of what we have accomplished.”


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